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You spend half your day in meetings.

Meetings are a business’ largest unmanaged cost

Poor meetings cost $ billions, soak up millions of hours and damage employee morale


of office workers state meetings are unproductive and inefficient


of office workers state meetings prevent them doing their job

Is wasted annually in the US from poor meetings (£191bn in UK)

Gain actionable personal and company meeting insights

mScore is a Microsoft Teams application that delivers real time insights to help you deliver better meetings, improve productivity and raise well being through:

  • Company and personal dashboards
  • Historical analysis tracking improvement over time
  • Quality, cost, time and volume metrics
  • Simple and intuitive presentation
  • Desktop and mobile Microsoft Teams Application

Big benefits for people and businesses

The average working day expanded by 13% (1 hour) post pandemic and people have 250% more meetings, every day, than they did before the pandemic (Microsoft Worklab, 2022).

People are overstretched with their working day extending to an ‘always on’ mentality through the proliferation of both physical and virtual meetings. A focus on meeting effectiveness, encouraging all to only attend meetings that are a good use of their time, will drive many benefits.

  • A shift from quantity meetings to quality meetings
  • New opportunities to recognise and reward people 
  • More productive teams as time is better spent
  • Reduced stress related staff absences
  • Reduce employee churn
  • A more attractive workplace making it easier to recruit

Our advisors

Jed Ayres
Jed , IGEL’s Global CEO, is widely recognized for the transformational impact he is making on the end user computing industry, as well as the instrumental role he has played in IGEL’s pivot starting in 2016 from a hardware-centric to a software-first company. As Global CEO, Ayres leads IGEL’s seasoned team of executive leaders as the company works to align with the world’s most prominent cloud providers to transform end user computing by simplifying and securing the cloud-delivery of all needed applications and resources.
Ayres brings more than 20 years of technology experience to IGEL and has a wide range of industry experience across workspace management, virtualization and mobility. 
Margaret Herndon
Margaret is chief marketing officer and leads the company-wide Marketing organization, including the planning, activation and oversight of the enterprise marketing strategy. 
Prior to joining WestRock, Margaret served as chief marketing officer at Ericsson North America, where she was responsible for leading marketing and communications strategy. She also spent 10 years with Hewlett-Packard, holding senior leadership positions in software, enterprise services and corporate marketing. 
Margaret earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia University.
Abigail Marks
Professor for the future of Work
Prior to her appointment at Newcastle University, Abigail was Associate Dean Business Engagement and Director of the DBA/DMan Programme at Stirling Management School. Abigail has also been the Director of Research at Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University and Director of Doctoral Programmes. Abigail’s first academic roles were at the University of Edinburgh (1995-1999), followed by the University of Strathclyde (1999-2002).

Our investors

Kevan Hall
Kevan is a CEO, speaker, founder and author of Kill Bad Meetings. He founded Global Integration in 1994, a global training and consulting company specializing in virtual teams, matrix management and agile & digital ways of working. Global Integration have trained more than 150,000 participants globally from companies like Coca Cola, Mars, Vodafone, Barclays and Pfizer. Kevan has been working to improve meetings for over 20 years but until mScore had seen no way to actively track and generate live data to improve meeting quality.

Join our Early Access Program today!

mScore easy access will give you:

  • Meeting effective analytics such as how many meetings take place, what is the real cost of those meetings and how effective are they?
  • Regular data reviews and recommendation sessions with our partner Global Integration to help you improve
  • Access to the mScore Microsoft Teams app (when live) for your business so you can rate meetings

In return all we ask is for your candid feedback to help us deliver a product that drives productivity and well being.

A product that helps us all Meet Better.